Some updates after moving to new QTH. I have done all my Radio and DX effort from the North west coast from 1991 until last summer (2014). My previous qth was surrounded by 3000 to 4000 feet high mountains I all directions, however I managed around 300 DXCC worked from that location. I was also using a remote station located approx. 15km from my home that worked pretty well.

                                                                                     My current setup, all my equipment is remotely controlled.



Since summer 2014 I have built and prepare my new QTH, this is located approx. 30 km south of Oslo on the country side. This QTH is by the farmers a pretty quiet area. So far I got the shack in place and my OB15-7 Yagi is mounted on a self-supporting mast @ hight of 18.5-19 meters.

I have also installed a SAL30 receiving antenna for Low band purchased from Array solution, the brain behind this antenna is Mark Bauman KB7GF. I have a kind of homemade approach to my installation, this since the antenna needs to be installed @ hight of 8-10 feet due-to deer and moose.

Working DX from this location is in most cases easy peacy, however low band is always a struggle as “normal”.  The current low band antenna is end feed dipole using wire for top and bottom loading. Antenna total height is 26-27 meter where 23-24 meter is active element. Feed impedance is around 20-25 ohm, I feed this with  ¼ wave transformers mad of ¼ wave 50ohm RG213 and  ¼ wave RG11 75 ohm coax in parallel. Result of this is a ¼wave 29 ohms coax. From the end of my ¼ transformer to the shack I run a full wave length of RG11, seems to fit with the distance. I would like to change the full wave length of RG11 with a better coax, however seems that this will cost me 1000US dollars, Surplus heavy duty coax is not so common in Norway. See some of my new pictures below.

All for now,

73 de Rune (Ron) LA7THA

Picuters below  from some of my pojects and setup.

Mast and antenna ready to be lifted. :-)






SAL30 receiving antenna

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